Bay Wealth Inc

Branding, Logo Design, Typography, Website


How do you brand a company specialized in financial planning and investment management without looking too stale and impersonal? Can we get people excited about making their money do more, no matter how much they have?


Bay Wealth was started by a group of friends and partners with original ties to Digby, Nova Scotia—a classic example of a small town. They’re a firm owned & operated by real people.


The main thing Bay Wealth strives to do is unlock your financial freedom. We brought this idea through the brand in many ways, from the graphic element that gives a feeling of upward movement and fluid waves, to the imagery of people enjoying life. Money can’t buy happiness, but with smarter financial planning, you can relax and be present for those magical moments we all live for.

We went with a balance of strong, dependable, but approachable for the visual brand. A sturdy navy blue, paired with a warm sea green and blue. A bold geometric font paired with a softer rounded serif. A spotlight on the partners—who they are, where they’re from, and what drives their passion. All curated to build a financial firm run by people you can talk to, people you can relate to, and people that you trust.


The brand has been very well-received and the firm is off to a great start. In the first few months of operation, they’ve been steadily increasing their client base and assets under management and have grown to cover all of NS, PEI, and NB.