HFX VegFest

Branding, Illustration, Layout, Logo Design, Typography


How do you brand a plant-based festival in a province where vegan and vegetarian living isn’t widespread? Can we make the brand welcoming and inclusive, judgement-free, and guilt-free in a traditionally exclusive and sometimes judgmental community? How do we entice people of all ages and from all walks of life to attend this event?


Halifax VegFest, a volunteer-run, non-profit vegan and plant-based festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, needed a combined effort of simple, clean branding with the iconic Halifax Clock Tower mixed with non-confrontational language and a huge focus on positivity. We built this brand to be a breath of fresh air, and consistently receive praise for how positive, open, and accepting the festival is.

The initial branding process involved many iterations of the aesthetic and logo. At the end of the day, we decided to embrace the clichés, which proved to be a smart choice and enabled us to communicate the essence of the festival when nothing of the sort existed previously in this province.


The festival has been an astounding success. We created a safe & positive environment to learn about and celebrate plant-based lifestyles, with a secondary focus on environmental and social issues, including efforts to raise money for local vegan-friendly non-profits. At our most recent festival in September 2019, We had over 50 exhibitors and over 3000 attendees. We received praise for the overall excellent energy of the festival, amazing food, and charming & informative presenters.

Highlights include exhibitors of all kinds (armed with fresh food, coffee, vegan beauty products, warm jackets, fresh juice, swag, samples—the list goes on), presentations, a cooking demo, informative workshops, and more.