Long Alley Bicycles

Branding, Logo Design, Typography


Long Alley Bicycles was in the middle of a huge transition period. They occupied a small garage-like space in the back of a building for years, and the time had come to move into a new, street-facing space that they were renovating into something light years ahead of their old space. How can we take an outdated, inconsistent brand and help it match the new space while maintaining some of the quirkiness of its small independent shop?


Long Alley Bicycles is truly a one-of-a-kind bike shop. It’s run by dedicated, passionate staff who are talented and knowledgeable but don’t take themselves too seriously and like to have fun. To match their energy, we felt it would be very appropriate and effective to use hand-drawn elements and a limited, but saturated colour palette.


The new brand has been embraced very well by the community. We started with their new logo, which features a unique, hand-drawn script badge. We carried the hand-drawn aesthetic through the brand and introduced new secondary assets including a fun and edgy bike & bolt design, and built a teaser campaign to call attention to the new space and generate hype.