Not My War

Illustration, Layout, Typography


How do you communicate that children are used in war all over the world? Can we showcase the many ways children are used that most people would never think of? Can we educate people, but also inspire action?


The Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative needed a way to shine a light on how children are affected by armed conflict in places you’d never expect. I worked with the firm General Public to build Not My War, a series of case studies that focus on specific regions and outline the challenges that children may be up against. Each of these case studies needed to be informative and read as a story as you move from page to page. The children start happy & bright, and as the case studies move through the impacts, we see and read the effects on the children.


The case studies came together brilliantly and included the use of region-specific illustration, from the correct model of planes and rifles to the correct camo and believable buildings and scenery. The initial illustrations were designed for print, but the client thought the project was so effective, they built a micro-site with vector images for the Syria, Nigeria and Somalia case studies to further increase the reach and impact of the project.

Download the full booklet here:
Not My War Booklet

View the web-based case studies for Syria, Nigeria and Somalia.