Nova Xpress

Branding, Logo Design, Typography


NovaXpress came on the scene just two years ago, and the timing couldn’t have been better. This courier company started and gained traction right when the pandemic was skyrocketing e-commerce. With increased e-commerce comes a huge demand for package delivery. With a focus on customer service, they’ve grown from a handful of employees to 200+ in only two years. Their branding was outdated and in desperate need of a refresh to reflect their level of professionalism and expertise.


Bay Wealth was started by a group of friends and partners with original ties to Digby, Nova Scotia—a classic example of a small town. They’re a firm owned & operated by real people.


The first thing we focused on was to make sure the brand was clean and modern but still retained its local and Nova Scotian roots. The logo we created is a visual combination of a package, a hint of the Nova Scotian flag, and an energetic swoop. Combined, their new brand conveys quality, professionalism, and dependability while remaining distinctly Nova Scotian. We went with a muted, almost vintage colour palette to bring in friendliness, timelessness, and approachability and to replace their previous bold, dark palette. This suits the employees and the owner much better—they’re easy to talk to and they want to make sure you’re getting the service you deserve.


The new brand is a much better representation of the company. It’s more approachable, more clean, more modern, and won’t look outdated ten years down the road.