Old Confidence Lodge

Branding, Logo Design, Typography, Website


A lil’ bit maritime, a lil’ bit musical, a whole lotta fun. Chris and Shari approached me about an idea—a revival of the beautiful Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, Nova Scotia. Upon learning about the lodge’s storied history, I was very excited to dive into this project and help bring their new ideas to life.


The main challenge here was to infuse the history, energy, and spirit of the lodge over the years, which was originally built in 1929 by The Oddfellows, a popular freemason group at the time. Throughout the years, it’s been used as a political meeting place, a public gathering ground, a recording studio, a picturesque wedding venue, and of course, an absolutely epic spot for live music. Their vision was to create a new chapter in the venue’s vibrant history as a creative arts institution.


The first few ideas were close to hitting the mark, but not quite right. Some were a little too polished, or a little too heavy on nautical and East Coast aesthetics. We continued developing new concepts until we found a logo that perfectly captured the brand’s spirit. A guitar that doubles as a fish hook was the perfect base for their visual brand—it’s quirky & unique while remaining inclusive and approachable.


Shari and Chris have settled into their new spot. They’ve hosted amazing theatre and live music events, and are contributing community-enriching guitar, piano, and voice lessons, and classes including summer camps for musical theatre, glee camps, and more. Old Confidence Lodge is quickly becoming the perfect blend of East Coast hospitality and authentic entertainment that Shari and Chris were searching for.